"Tell me when the party's over"

by Yurodivy

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released February 18, 2020

All songs by YURODIVY
Recorded and Mixed by Sam - System-D Prod
At Kawati Studios
Produced and arranged by Benjamin Moreau
Mastered by Arco Trauma
Artwork by Philipp Igumnov
Additional voices: Dominic Burns, Fabien Gaschy,
Laurent Koehler, Lorène Koehler (Les 3 barbus ou presque),
Victor Sbrovazzo (Dirty Deep), Lara Issa (Hewa).
Strings: Lorène Koehler


all rights reserved



Yurodivy Strasbourg, France

Yurodivy : Eccentric figure who is outside conventional society. His madness is ambiguous, and can be real or simulated. He is able to say truths which others cannot, as a figure not subject to earthly control or judgment. Everybody can be somebody’s fool.
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Track Name: Parasite
Black arms, hidden in the dark, lost in the crowd,
waiting for your first mistake.
You post everything, criticize everything, hate everything.
Living through the media, waiting for something exciting, the world is not fast enough, this is not what you expected.
You're living through your fingers, always talking about the pain, and what defines you best is just a blue light on your face.
What did you become ? You don't remember my name.
Why are you so numb ? A slave among the kings.
Track Name: Four Drones
I see the sun in an empty sky, I see the end of the cities' soul, saints came here and took everything, science and hope disappear.
How could you not hate yourself after what you did ?
How can you not see the apocalypse is coming?
Could you please take me with you away from here.
Where the world has not started to collapse.
Is this a lie ? Circles and lights in the eyes.
Is it already now? Can you see the drones in the sky?
Track Name: Citizen
Look around and you will see them, the drowned, the sick, the slain. Convinced to be still alive while they're rotting with no pain, wandering in these cities, pretending that life is a party.
Finger crossed to stay here as long as they can be, poor guy aimless crying every day before sleeping, you'll understand too late, or maybe never. Wandering in these cities, cause that life is a party until the end. I shouldn't be there, what am I become?
A shadow of myself, just a animal, in a cage.
Track Name: Where the dogs will never sleep
Throw us back in chains, whatever, now we know the only truth.
All divided by your fault but at least we're getting together,
around our thoughts and uncertainties. We've already built an empire made of noise, words and inks, where the dogs will never sleep, fading away. What we think and what we do, the places we build and the reason why we are, wilful desobedience, are you sure what side you're on ? So much beauty and so much hatred,
so many places built with dreams, always been kept in the dark.
Are you sure what side you're on ?
You can't defeat what you don't know. These places don't belong to us. No rules, no submission. In every country and every city.
For those who need it, a free territory.
Track Name: Achievement
This is slowly taking me apart. I always used to fight for
something, with hope, but no chance to reach my aim.
A meaningless struggle for the balance. It's the nature of human beings, to seek the absolute, the meaning and fullness of life.
Everyone is here for what he thought was good and right. But in the midst of chaos, sometimes you reallise that nothing can be saved. The worst is the man who thinks nothing is worth dying for.
Behind the mask, the shadow becomes the shadow. We're not so brave when we have to find a cure. I had a cure for your desease, a kind of drug that you will love. I can make this all go away, the doomsday will be quiet. A mix of disregard and apathy, but we'll be there together, become money gods on the rooftop of the world. You try to be an another one, but you're already a copy.
From the belly to the tomb, you'll hate almost everyone.
From the belly to the tomb only the path counts.
Track Name: Love
And she remembers your face when you were young and bright.
A proud french soldier fighting for his nation and his rank.
Educated by war, you told her you were a lord.
She should have risen the challenge, and thank god.
Every single day, trying to be a better wife a silent mother.
Consumed by the doubts and lies of another time. And you tried to kill her, she was too old for you. She's only guilty of a lack of love.
And I don't know if I could be better if you hadn't been.
Despite this I'll never know the whole truth.
Familly's ghosts can change all the rules. And I don't know if I could be better. I don't know if anything would have been different for your son.
Track Name: Algorithm
Are you the ravens of misery ? Burning our hope like thousands of trees. Have you seen the feelings disappear ? Under the crowned heads in fear. And what should we have done ? And now the hate becomes, something salutary, and now the hate becomes,
a new hope for me.
Track Name: Don't define me as a pessimist
And I try to justify the things, looking in my childhood or my upbringing. I've never really been in my place here.
Pathetic morality. But I can't give up my ethics on the way. And I'm too old to die young. It's a personal war and it's far from over, Inner peace is not for now. I smashed myself to pieces, tell me if you feel the bones of our fathers, I'm unable to close my eyes, just under your nails, dig even deeper. Tired and worn to be,
you better listen to the silent masses.
Unable to live with myself. A whip in the hand and a cross on the chest. I'm still right here, I choose to be here, don't define me as a pessimist. I'm still right here, I choose to be here, don't think of me as a cowards. A whip in the hand and a cross on the chest.
Track Name: Bad habits (feat Dirty Deep)
Make me feel the pain and the lake one more time, I just would like to know you like I knew you before. Why the excess cannot last for ever, you're the feeling of frustration in me. I'm not able to hate you cause you always been there. What have you done with me, I'm still right here. With my addictions, with all these drinks, without memory. My brain is weakening. Help me, save me. I need a hand,
I need an echo, someone who take me out of this shit.
Life is a costume party but my suit doesn't fit me. I need a hand, I need an echo, someone who take me out of this shit. I love the excess, more than myself, I wish I could stop before it breaks me. Please get out my mind, and let me feel fine again. You won't lead my life, I'm sharp as a knife. You won't take me down, my soul is too strong for you.Your grip is a spell, I'm breaking your chains now. Your name is a lie, truth won't pass me by.
Track Name: Black cages
Could you please drive me away, far from here, I'm so tired my friend, it's like I need to rest one thousand years.
I don't even remember the last time I slept for real. Without a word and always smiling, you bury me alive, the lie within belief, and you silenced me again, you killed me again with your obsession,
your new concepts and innovations. I want to break these black screens, destroy all the fake things you've built but I can't, I can't because I am part of this. See the human in the cages that you built. And I don't even know the rules of your game. You still don't get it, what you did. Is there anybody here who hears me screaming ? What do you want from me ?
Don't forget the evidence, look at these places that you build.
Is there anybody here who hears me screaming ?

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